Just the phrase alone stirs up images of God doing the most extra ordinary things through His people! Imagine servants of God moving supernaturally across time, the Earth and the Heavens for the purposes of God. The Bible indicates the Enoch, Elijah, Philip and John as well as many others have allowed God to use them in this way without reservation to accomplish His plan and His will upon this Earth!

In these last days, God is moving people all over the Earth supernaturally for the cause of the Gospel. Translation by Faith is happening now and is our inheritance as children of God.

The big question is, will you allow you allow God to use you? He is looking for the willing. Are you willing to step out in faith? Are you willing to lay down your own agenda and embrace His? Are you willing to lay down your fear, doubt, unbelief and reputation?


This training has been prepared to help you not only to learn about Translation by Faith, but also to teach you how to enter in. In it we will cover these topics and more.

  • Legal Rights
  • Precedent in the Word
  • Avoiding Deception
  • Moving by Faith
  • Sanctified Imagination
  • Being Led of the Spirit
  • Activation and Exercises

So stir up your passion for God and pursue Him with everything inside you and you will walk in this present day reality called "Translation by Faith".